1/2 Steer


Product Description

8 Chuck Roast
4 Arm Roast
8 Flat Iron steaks
14 Ribeye Steaks
14 NY Strip Steaks
12 Filets
14 Sirloin Steaks
6 packs stew meat
8 Round Steaks
12 Sirloin Tip Steaks
2 – 4 Lb beef brisket OR 4Lbs beef bacon
74 – 1# tubes bulk ground chuck
2 skirt steak
2 flank steak
10 packs soup bones
Dog Bones, heart, Tongue or liver optional

Ordering Information

You are reserving an animal in our current herd that will be ready within weeks. We’re a small farm with a big commitment to our animals and our customers. We don’t have processed inventory; we’re raising them as you read this. Within a few days of your order, we’ll tell you when we’ll deliver your beef.

Please understand you’re buying an animal, and final weights vary. Our price is based on the pre-processing (rail) weight. The actual weight you receive (table ready) will be less than the rail weight. Product weight decreases by approximately 50% from rail weight to table-ready.

Hand-Trimmed Cuts

Ney’s Big Sky provides a customized USDA Certified Cutting Service from a select Midwestern processing plant. The processing is done by experienced butchers who pride themselves on trimming all carcasses to our specifications and your cutting instructions. Custom cutting and trimming are an important key to delivering the highest quality beef to your table.

Estimated Carcass Yield

An average beef carcass weighs approximately 780 lbs. on the rail; thus ½ beef is 390 lbs. and ¼ beef is 195 lbs.

Please email us for the cuts and approximate amounts from ¼ steer as well as any brats to be included in your bulk order.

Important Information! Please read Carefully!

Pricing Examples and other Key Information

A Half Beef weighs about 390 lbs. pre-cut carcass weight (rail weight). The cost of a Half Beef is $3.15 per pound pre-cut. Therefore a Half Beef weighing 390 lbs. rail weight will cost $1228.50. A Half Beef will yield approximately 195 pounds of packaged pre-cut beef.

Shipping is FREE within 100 miles of Big Sky Ranch. If shipping charges are required you will be contacted by us. Shipping beyond 100 miles requires the use of a next day expedited common carrier.

Frozen product must be shipped in a Department of Transportation approved shipping container with dry ice. Typical charges are between $40-$75 per shipment depending on distance.

All beef is delivered frozen.

A whole beef requires approximately 16 cubic feet of freezer space for storage (2’x4’x2′). Beef generally keeps well for 1 year frozen.