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Introducing our Premium Meat Share Program

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Raising all-natural, grass-fed beef has been the family business for two generations. In 1965, my dad purchased our homestead and decided to do things the right way – raise cattle naturally on a grass-fed diet, sell beef directly from the farm, dry-age the whole animal for 21 days, and never sacrifice quality or integrity. Today, that means we give our cattle none of the chemicals or growth hormones that other beef companies do, and the meat we sell tastes better and is healthier and tenderer for it.

Healthier for Your Family, Sustainable for the Planet

Our mission is to provide natural, free range, pastured meat products sourced and processed in WI.  Each partner farm or coop is hand selected with our high quality standards in mind.

Our sustainable, ethical, environmentally-friendly, and humane methods mean our grass-fed cattle are never placed in feed lots, where disease and unsanitary conditions can breed. Rotational grazing means that the meat you buy for your family will be healthier, nutritionally-superior, and more delicious.