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The Steakhouse Burger


Product Description

What makes Ney’s Steakburgers so juicy and tender, with that melt in your mouth, steak taste?

Ney’s Steakburgers, like our steaks, are the result of an intensively managed program that starts with Ney genetics, continues with Ney’s controlled management, and concludes with a dry aging process. All ground beef may seem the same until you have sampled a Ney’s Big Sky Steakburger.

Our burgers are produced only from animals carefully managed for the optimal eating experience. The cattle are only sixteen to eighteen months of age at the time of harvest.

We use no hormones, or routine antibiotics. Our calves receive a carefully balanced natural diet of corn, barley, soybean meal, and hay. Ney’s Beef ‘dry ages’ the entire carcass for twenty-one days.

1 unit is equal to approximately 1 pound.


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